Applied in button attaching of various clothes ,electrical shank button attaching machine works more efficiently and steadily after developing intelligent device of automatic feeding showing better performance. It improves the attaching speed and working efficiency while the maximum diameter reaches 30mm and average attaching capability runs up to 20-30 buttons per minute. Modularized design reduce the broken rate and consumption of high mortality parts.Furthermore, adopting digital control system and visual operation,it is simple to create sewing data.




  •  Special elastic rib ,not slippery and high abrasion resistance.
  •  Equipped with multi-functional button clamp ,it can grip various buttons steadily.
  •  Adjustment at the starting stitch. Button feeding,stapling, paw and clamp are easy to install and adjust.
  •  To make sure right installing position of the button by adjusting the position.

  •  To recognize precisely sides of the button by using sides reorganization.
  •  Automatic button thickness and size adjusting device .You don’t need to use tools when change sizes.
  •  Adopting frequency conversion control method,the vibrating plate is intelligent,efficient and energy saving.Which stops automatically 1 minute after stop.
  •  Using icon and order of operating system,a 7 inch color screen of quick response with counter,you can create sewing data easily .

Models Availables:

Types: S:Button(Φ9-15mm);L:Two Size Button(Φ9-15mm);B:Button(Φ8-30mm)